My philosophy

Techni (αrt) in ancient Greek means artificial skill, especially in the elaboration of metal. The word derives, according to the historian Curtius, from the root ΤΕΚ as does the verb “ticto” (to give birth) as well as the words “tecton, tocos, tecmeromai, tecnon(he who edifies, interest rate, to infer, progeny) and “teuho” (to manufacture). That’s why man can positively proclaim that one of the most representative art is jewelry.

 The artistic jewelry is only one part of the general notion of the term “jewelry”. The others are the industrial and the commercial jewelry. It is hard to distinguish the limits between them. In every piece of art-jewelry man can easily recognise the design and the personality of the creator, in opposition to the industrial jewels where the form and the shape are standarised and almost identical.

An artistic jewel is a unique creation of a creator who is at the same time the designer and the producer. It can be either small or big, made of precious materials or not. Its value is relatively independent of the karates it weights.


The contemporary notion of artistic jewelry refers to handmade, unique in shape and form jewels. They are the results of an artist’s expression and their purpose is to communicate feelings and ideas.


Based on these thoughts, my jewels get their own originality. Their design has no need to copy any existing jewel. It is original and unique, because it is the result of an elaboration of the soul, which is unique in every human being and the purest source of strength for any effort of real communication with other people and with the environment. Consequently, the jewel not only decorates but also becomes a mean to express feelings and communicate ideas and meanings, transubstantiating the aesthetic of dressing into a carrier of timeless values and notions.


The magic power of the myths, the touches of poetry, the beauty of Nature, the dreaming paths of literature, the internal power of words and so many other admirable elements of our existence are for me the endless source of my inspiration.


The inspiration becomes an idea, which evolves into a shape, through the power of symbols. The impression of the shape is followed by the process of the metal, which, guided by the knowledge of technique, evolves, adapts, abolishes and then reborn many times, until it comes alive, gets its own existence and soul, speaks carrying messages of its inspiration’s primary source.


My jewel addresses modern women, with opinion, with spiritual cultivation and internal sensibility, strong and independent. This is a small piece of art with character, which dresses and decorates the woman who wears it, showing at the same time her personality.


Sophia Pavlakou.