Sophia Pavlakou was born in Athens though her origins Iie in Sparta. She studied Design, Painting and History of Arts at Doxiades School.

She spent over 20 years playing volleyball for Panathinaikos and the National Team of Greece, having a lot of success in Greece and internationally. The National Volleyball Federation of Greece and the Sport and Youth Organization of Athens have honored her with many awards for her contribution in the particular sport.

She has followed courses on handmade jewel creation in Athens College, she has attended seminars in various academies of jewelry and she has worked next to experienced craftsmen. Her jewels and pieces of sculpture are inspired from the ancient Greek Mythology, which they express through symbolic shapes, or from the Greek nature. In any way, they have the unique ability to represent timeless messages of ideas and ideals.

She has created pieces of art that were offered honorary to important people, such as the President of the Greek Democracy, Mr. Stefanopoulos and the President of the Academy of Athens, Mr. Skalkeas. She designed and created the pins of the Chorus of the Spiritual Center of Amaroussion, for their concert in Manhatan Ν.Υ., as well as many other objects for people of arts and literature.

Since 1998 she has participated in a few group Visual Art Expositions and has organized even more individual Expositions of Handmade Jewels.

She has given many lectures on the History of Jewel as a piece of Art and Culture and the Timelessness of the Homeric Greek woman through the legend of Lacaina, in which she has explained the Lakonian cycle of the Greek Mythology through her jewels. Also, her work has been a major subject discussed in the 40th Conference of Provincial Press Union in Sparta.

She writes articles in magazines for jewels and has also been the editor of books for literature competitions. She presented the work that Mr Th. Spiropoulos, professor of archeology, did in the region of Pellana in Laconia - discovery of the ancient palace of Menelaos and Helena - at the University of Piraeus .

She was honored for her contribution to Arts with many awards by Spiritual Organizations. She is General Secretary of the Piraeus Art and Literature Organization and is an accredited member of "WHO IS WHO - GREECE".

Many critics have commented positively on the uniqueness of her jewels. She has also been summoned to present her projects, thoughts and sources of inspiration at the Silversmiths Link of Rome in Italy, since, as they said, "they believe that her work isn't only original, but also unique in the world".